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Tutoring for Better Understanding of Basic Math Skills

Basic Math Skills are extremely important for children to understand because they need to use these skills in all future math classes as well as in life. Tutors who teach Basic Math Skills use a variety of techniques so Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau students can develop a solid comprehension of each skill.

Some challenges of learning Basic Math Skills affect the learner's ability to perform basic mathematical operations. Often the difficulty in solving comprehension problems in Basic Math Skills is due to the child's lack of understanding the relationship between numbers and the quantities they represent.

Children need a variety of experiences to become proficient with Basic Math Skills concepts. Parents can help at home by playing games that are focused on teaching Basic Math Skills reasoning to increase their child's basic math problem solving skills. We recommend that our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau parents should encourage their young children to count everything they see and reinforce this skill by reading counting books to and with them. Plus, parents should let them play counting games and do exercises which focus on the following concepts:
  • Develop skill with mental computation and estimation
  • Require students to use their math skills
  • Make the child think about the probability of events
    taking place
  • Involve the development of strategies
  • Necessitate the use of spatial visualization skills
  • Require logical thinking

The "How and Why" of Basic Math Skills

Our Basic Math Skills tutors strive to teach understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures; i.e., the "why" something works, and not only the "how". This understanding doesn't always come immediately. In fact, it may take several sessions and/or months to grasp a Basic Math Skills concept. The Basic Math Skills found in learning arithmetic transform into problem solving capabilities, using computers well, and other social skills needed for a full life.

Using one of our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Basic Math Skills tutors to help your child understand the relationship between the "how" and the "why" - or between procedures and concepts - is complex. It takes a teaching professional to help the child see the relationship between the two points and to apply the knowledge gained from learning the differences.

Basic Math Skills Tutoring in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau -

Background Information

A+ Tutoring, LLC is the company behind the website. The main office is located in Bayside, New York and specializes in delivering math tutoring services to children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Our Basic Math Skills tutors focus on improving the understanding and application of mathematical thoughts and processes so the student can better perform in school.

Our Basic Math Skills tutors are selected from the brightest and most caring individuals that we can find in the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau areas. The in-home Basic Math Skills tutors are masterful, proficient teachers. The Basic Math Skills tutor's approach to helping your child learn the "how and why" of different types of Basic Math Skills challenges will be tailored specifically to your child's needs.
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All specialized Basic Math Skills tutoring services are done in your Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau home on a completely confidential basis. Your child and you will be the only individuals who will know the relationship between the Basic Math Skills tutor and your family. The child who is participating in the Basic Math Skills tutoring experience is expected to comply with the directions and recommendations provided by the Basic Math Skills tutor.