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Private Tutoring - Home Tutoring in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Long Island.

Global Studies Tutoring for Interdisciplinary Education

Global Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary education in the major issues confronting today's "globalized" world. Our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Global Studies tutors introduce students to international or intercultural service through the study of other cultures, world history, political and economic systems, world geography and environment, cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution, and a modern language. The major features of Global Studies are three thematic pillars that capture breadth of interconnections among nation-states, ethnic and religious groups, and individuals.

Global Studies from Multiple Disciplines

Global Studies draws from disciplines across humanities, social, and natural sciences to give students the knowledge and the theoretical and methodological skills necessary to understand our complex and rapidly changing world. Our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Global Studies tutors help students learn how local places are impacted by regional, national, and transnational cultural flows, environmental processes, political ideologies and economic relations.

Our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Global Studies students are not only given the tools to understand the processes of globalization and their consequences, they are empowered to shape their world as the next generation of global leaders in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector.

Global Studies has Three Pillars

Global Studies draws on insights from disciplines across the humanities and social sciences to give students the theoretical and methodological skills and the knowledge base necessary to understand this complex and rapidly changing world and to contribute to building a better future for us all. Global Studies focuses on three thematic pillars of globalization: Culture & Society, Governance & Conflict, and Markets. Global Studies examines the ways in which people across the globe are affected every day by an unprecedented array of linkages that defy geographic and political boundaries.

Global Studies Tutoring in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau -

Background Information

A + Tutoring, LLC is the company behind the website. The main office is located in Bayside, New York, and specializes in delivering Global Studies tutoring services to children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Our global studies tutors focus on improving the understanding and application of Global Studies viewpoints and processes so the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau student can better perform in school.

Our Global Studies tutors are selected from the brightest and most caring individuals that we can find in the Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau areas. The in-home Global Studies tutoring teachers are certified and fully licensed. They are masterful, proficient teachers. The Global Studies tutor's approach to helping your child learn the "how and why" of different types of Global Studies challenges will be tailored specifically to your child's needs.
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All specialized Global Studies tutoring services are done in your Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau home on a completely confidential basis. Your child and you will be the only individuals who will know the relationship between the Global Studies tutor and your family. The child who is participating in the Global Studies tutoring experience is expected to comply with the directions and recommendations provided by the Global Studies tutor.