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Math Word Problems Made Easy with Proper Approach

The most difficult thing about doing Word Problems is translating English words into mathematics. Problems usually have clue words in them. These clue words, or keywords, indicate which math operation (s) to use to solve the problem. Typically, once you figure out the components of the math equation, you're fine. In fact, the actual math involved is often fairly simple. Meeting the Word Problems challenge is accomplished by following a list of hints and helps. Our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau tutors will teach your child "how to do" Word Problems

An extremely important step in effectively translating and solving Word Problems is to read the problem entirely. We caution our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau students not to try to solve the problem when they have only read half a sentence or paragraph. Identifying the components of the problem described therein so a "feel" can be obtained is the first step.

"Clue Words" for Math Word Problems

We teach our Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Word Problems students how to figure out what the problem is asking them to find, and what facts or information they need but don't have. Then they are shown how to pick variables to stand for the unknowns and label them. There is usually more than one way to solve math Word Problems, and students need the opportunity to discover various ways to determine the appropriate solution. Some Clue Words are shown below:

Addition sum, total of, more than, increased to, combined, added to, together Division per, ratio, percent, out of, quotient, goes into
Subtraction less than, fewer than, minus, less, how much less, decreased by, difference between/of Equals yields, is, are, was, were, for, will be, gives
Multiplication times, multiplied by, product of, by a factor of

These techniques or clues are one of the most important skills in solving Word Problems in mathematics. If you begin to solve Word Problems by looking for "clue words", you will find that these 'words' often indicate an operation. Although "clue words" vary, students will find that there will be consistency with them to guide them to the correct operation to solve the Word Problems.

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